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The Total Rock Drummer With CD - Book by Mike Michalkow

The Total Rock Drummer With CD
Item #: 00-30235   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Rock Intermediate

By Mike Michalkowbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard

00-30235 cover image - The Total Rock Drummer With CD - Drums Sheet Music by Mike  Michalkow The Total Rock Drummer is a unique and exciting journey through the diverse world of rock drumming. Start with basic lessons in keeping a beat, and end up playing sophisticated fills and solos. This book features many of the styles that make rock drumming so challenging, yet rewarding, and is meant for all drummers-from beginners to advanced players. Learn everything from rockabilly and reggae to funk and progressive rock, plus actual drumbeats from famous rock tunes by Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, The Police, Tool, Green Day, and more! This is the one place to get everything you need to make you a great rock drummer. A CD demonstrating the examples in the book is included.

00-30235 - The Total Rock Drummer With CD by Mike Michalkow $19.95
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