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Keyboard Essentials Wall Chart cover
Keyboard Essentials Wall
Keyboard Master Note Finder Wall Chart cover
Keyboard Master Note
Keyboard Chord Chart cover
Keyboard Chord Chart
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1. Keyboard Master Note Finder Wall Chart  

Item #: MB94402   Price: $8.99
Sheet Music : Posters : Keyboard

MB94402 - Keyboard Master Note Finder Wall Chart - Posters By William Baybullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Printed on enamel stock and coated to last; 35" by 24" format. A very usable resource that provides the keyboard player with a visual presentation of the notes in seven keyboard octaves! A very attractive and durable poster. .... more details

2. Keyboard Chord Chart  

Item #: MB93484   Price: $4.95
Sheet Music : Posters : Keyboard

MB93484 - Keyboard Chord Chart - Posters By Bob Kroepelbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Provides the beginning or intermediate-level keyboard player with all basic chord forms in a handy chart. Applicable to any keyboard instrument. .... more details

3. Keyboard Essentials Wall Chart  

Item #: MB20212   Price: $8.99
Sheet Music : Posters : Keyboard

MB20212 - Keyboard Essentials Wall Chart - Posters By Various Composersbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This wall chart gives a complete, easy-to-understand overview of the essential information that every keyboard player should know. It shows the notes and their location on the keyboard, inversions, the main scales, and chord/finger positions to use with automatic accompaniment features of electronic keyboards. (24 x 35) .... more details

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